If you’re not in you can’t win!

With the upcoming NI Score and Night Champs as well as the starts of the NISeries and Spring Cup leagues you need to be aware that you won’t collect championship places, league points or colour standards if you are not a current member. You can check your membership status via the colour standards table (Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards>Colour Standards.pdf); if you are highlighted as green (New – welcome!) or clear you are ready to go; if you are pink or yellow your membership has lapsed and you don’t qualify. The table has been updated to show your best colour achieved Read More …

Colour Standards table update (part 2)

Happy New O-Year to all! In the Colour Standards folder (Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards) your 2019 colours have been transferred from the Colour Standards table to the Colour History table. The 2020 standards will start to appear whenever you achieve a standard time in a 2020 event and have 2 achievements in the preceding 12-month period. The colour events are listed in the Colour Standards table. The Colour Standards table also shows your membership status and there are still a lot of folk in the pink (you really are lapsed members now!). Please take a moment to get your membership Read More …

Colour Standards table update (part 1)

The Colour Standards table has been partially updated to show the 2020 events at which colour standards can be achieved, so get your diaries out! The 2018 events have been dropped off the list so anyone whose 2019 colour depends on a result in that year will appear to be short of the required 3 counting events but, fear not, the records exist to prove your worth. The next phase of the table update will be to move the 2019 colour achieved into the history table and then wipe the slate clean for 2020. In the meantime the table also Read More …

TABLES Updated – last time in 2019

Following yesterday’s slippery Autumn Trophy event at Belfast Castle the following table have been updated: 1 Colour Standards – Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards>Colour Standards.pdf. This was the last colour event of the year and shows, at the right-hand side, your colour achievement for 2019. When the table is reset at the end of the month this will transfer to the history table and the slate will be wiped clean for 2020. Don’t forget that this table also shows your membership status – get rid of the pink highlights asap! 2 Autumn Trophy – Resources>LVO Public Folders>Club Colour Series>2019AutumnTrophy.pdf. Needs two Read More …

Colour Standards Updated

The Colour Standards table has been updated with the Hillsborough results. Don’t believe what the event results show as standard times; have a look to see if you qualified for a colour standard. The table can be found under “Colour Standards” in “LVO Public Folders”. The table also shows membership status – make sure you’re changing from pink (lapsed) to clear (current) as soon as possible!

Autumn Trophy Interim Scores

The Autumn Trophy scores, after 2 of the 3 events, are available in LVO Public Folders>Club Colour Series. The scoring is by place points, with 2 to score (indicated by an asterisk at the entry). May I point out that I am currently on the podium in the Green Senior Men class, testament to the truth of the old adage “if you’re not in you can’t win”? So get along to the final event at Belfast Castle to knock me off the step.

Colour Standards Table

The Colour Standards Table has been updated with the results of the NISeries#6 event at a wet and physical Pomeroy Forest. It is also heartening to see the pink highlighting disappearing as folk renew their membership for 2020! The table can be viewed at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”.

Colour Standards Table Update (X 2)

The colour standards table has been updated with the results from NISeries#5 at Crossmurrin. The standard achievement shown on the race results don’t necessarily match the standard actually achieved (e.g. no gender seperation) so have a look to see how you stand. There are 2 more opportunities this year to post colour standard achievement – Pomeroy (NI#6 all colours) and Hillsborough (AT#3 green, orange, yellow). The colour standards table also shows membership status and has been updated to match BOF opening the 2020 membership renewal facility. Thus the 2yr-lapsed members (yellow highlighting) have been deleted, the 1yr-lapsed members (pink) have Read More …

NISeries Tables (correction)

The details of the NISeries #6 event were incorrect in the earlier post. |The event will be at Pomeroy Forest on 9th November. Apologies for any confusion caused.

NISeries Tables

The NISeries tables have been updated with the results from NISeries #5 at Crossmurrin. They can be found in Public Documents in the folder “NISeries”. The tables have been pared down to show only those folk who can complete 4 or more events in the year (they’re the only folk who can qualify as class winners). There a few classes undecided as yet – all involve LVOers. Most require the leader to just finish at Magilligan but BrownMen is a straight fight between Richard Vasey and Michael Burton!