Tables Updated

Lots of tables updated after the week’s events: Public>NISeries>NISeries2022.pdf After 4 events folk are starting to show with the required number of scores against their name. Don’t forget it’s 4 out of 7 needed to qualify so plan your autumn programme accordingly! Public>Colour Standards>Colour Standards.pdf The first drop off of an old event for some time so some folk may have lost or dropped their standard; others have consolidated well. Public>hCOW>hCOW2022>Event7.pdf The Castlewellan results show some large fluctuations but also show how the calculations are able to deal with the different terrains being encountered. >Series Table.pdf The combined scores and Read More …

hCOW WEE Tables Updated

At “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2022” you’ll find the hCOW results for Carnfunnock in “WEE7.pdf” showing things settling down with a variance of only 3secs/km. In “WEE Series Table.pdf” you’ll find your points score and your history of handicap variations. The table is organised in total points order (lowest first) with those having achieved 6 counting scores at the top of the list. This shows that, once again, Metronomic Mark (Pruzina) is leading the way. Please note that, with no WEE events appearing in any fixture list and no August WEE events resourced in the Volunteers list, it might be that the number Read More …

hCOW Tables Updated

The WESeries hCOW tables have been updated with the Antrim results. The can be found at “OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2022” and are in “WEE6.pdf” and “WEE Series Table.pdf”. With 12 events slotted in (that’s from the volunteers’ list but not yet the fixture list) that means 11 are scoring so 6 to count; we’re getting close to discard time. The series table will then show those who have 6 counting results. You may have noticed that the course length used is greater than that on the control description. This is because the cd quotes the straight line length whereas hCOW uses the Read More …

Lots of tables updated

Florencecourt and Ballymena have produced lots of updated tables to let you review your performances. They’re all to be found at “Resources>OneDrive Public” and then at: “NISeries” The official version of the table is on its way for publication on the NIOA web site but you’ll find a copy here. The next event is the fourth after which discards come into play. “Colour Standards” The revised list after Florencecourt shows quite a few folk consolidating their colour standard by being able to discard last year’s distant memories. “hCOW>hCOW2022” The colour event series tables include the Florencecourt results in Event6 and Read More …

Crawfordsburn hCOW table available

Go to “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2022” to see the scores and handicap adjustments arising from WEE4. Amongst the 3 times scorers it’s now Billy Reed leading with 20 points, then Anastasia Mahlych with 26 and, keeping it in the family, Chloe Reed with 30. Following next week’s event there will be a series table showing your scores to date and the variation in your handicap allowing you to look back on your performances (and hopefully learn from them!).

hCOW table revision

Due to the membership renewal of John Crozier (welcome back, John!) and his appearance at WEE2&3 the handicaps after WEE3 have altered by a few secs/km from those published on Thursday. There has also been a ripple effect on the scoring with Anastasia Mahlych still leading on 13 points followed by Billy Reed on 15 and Mark Pruzina and Kenny Weir on 17. Don’t forget that hCOW is a regularity test so keep those mistakes at bay (or keep making the same ones each time!).

hCOW table for Barnett’s

The hCOW outcomes from WEE3 at Barnett Demesne can be found at “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2022”. With three events gone and therefore with some folk having 2 scores it’s newcomer (welcome!) Anastasia Mahlych leading with 13 followed closely by old-stagers Mark Pruzina and Billy Reed on 14. Until the August fixtures are determined the number of counting scores can’t be finalised but it will probably be about 7 so you need to get results posted asap. An event variance of -56 secs/km shows things are getting faster, possibly due to the flat, therefore speedy(!), legs across the University playing fields.

hCOW Table for Lady Dixon

The table can be found at “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2022”. It shows 23 folk (those who also ran at Hillsborough) scoring their first points with the list being ordered by variance i.e. the amount by which the on-the-day speed improved on handicap, showing Dai Wilson (middle of the list) scoring fewest penalties. Although all 23 went faster than handicap 11 of them, who didn’t improve as much as Dai, have had their handicap increased for Barnett’s next week. With Barnett’s also being a parkland terrain there shouldn’t be as big a variance in the results (although it is Fred Hamond doing the Read More …

First hCOW WEE table is available

It can be found in the hCOW2022 folder at “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2022”. It shows the starting handicaps for those who completed the Long Course at Hillsborough. It gives you two options; you can either try to remain consistent and score as few place points as possible or try to reduce your handicap over the series. If you didn’t get to Hillsborough don’t worry as your first appearance down the line will set your handicap.

The Bovine Returns

I don’t know if the MOO will be at this summers WEE series but at least hCOW will be in action, with handicap calculations being applied to the Long Course results. With the variability of the technical difficulty, from Hillsborough bomb craters to Antrim Castle parkland to UUJ urban terrain, your handicaps may show more fluctuation than those of the colour events but at least they will allow you to track the reasons for your good (and bad!) results and hopefully improve your performance. Until the August events appear in the fixture list the number of counting results can’t be Read More …