Happy New O-Year!

The Colour Standards table has been rolled forward for 2022. This involved removing the 2020 entries (except for the last, Donard on 12/12/20 (which still counts towards some folks “best-of 3-in-12-months” current standard), and adding the anticipated 2022 colour events There should be more to come e.g. Autumn Trophy series and NI Colour Series 5. Let’s make the first NY resolution to maintain or improve your standard (or gain one if you haven’t done so already). The table also shows your current membership status so for too many folks there’s a second resolution to get yourself out of the pink Read More …

Colour Standards History updated

The Colour Standards history table, showing achievement back to 1990, has been updated with the 2021 colours obtained. The capitalised entries show those who got their first colour or improved on their previous – congratultions to the 14 heroes! All you have to do now is make a New Year resolution to keep up or improve your standard in 2022! “Resources>OneDrive Public>Colour Standards”

Metronomic Mark!

The final hCOW tables, following Seskinore, are now available at “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2021”. They clearly show that the king of regularity is Mark Pruzina; not only did he clean up the series with 2 wins in his 4 counting events but he also shares the hCOW Champion title with Kieron Rocks for winning last Saturday’s event. The series table, in addition to showing your place points score provides the history of your handicap variation through the series. This should allow you to reflect on your good (or bad!) performances and allow you to identify what can be done to improve.

NI Series tables updated

The final 2021 NISeries tables are now published on the NIOA web-site. A copy is available here at “Resources>OneDrive Public>NI Series”. While LVO contributed most in the way of entries we came away with only 3 titles from the 9 contested classes. Looks like O-shoes need tightening up for next year!

Colour Standards Update

The colour standards table has been updated for the final time this year following the Seskinore event. While there were not too many new or updated standards there was considerable consolidation due to the ramping-up of the event programme throughout the autumn period. Your 2021 colour achievement will be added to the history table and the table will be reset for 2022. While there will be no more updates this year the table still acts as a reminder to anyone with a name highlighted in pink or yellow – this shows that your 2022 membership is still awaited. “Resources>OneDrive Public>Colour Read More …

NISeries Tables updated

The NISeries tables have gone to StephenG for official publication on the NIOA website but you can view a copy here – “Resources>OneDrive Public>NI Series”. With one event to go make sure that you enter the correct colour course to achieve your maximum points (4 to count). There have been some changes other than the Drumnaph scores – some of the event officials have changed course mid-year so their notional points have been moved to their current colour. This means a reduced score at their original colour and an increase at their current – see what this means for your Read More …

hCOW Tables updated

Tables updated with the results from Drumnaph. An event variance of -13secs shows that, while it might be a small area, it provided as stiff a test as any of the NISeries terrains. That leaves Seskinore as the last chance to have a tidy run (hCOW is testing your regularity not your outright speed) and score as few points as possible, although Mark Pruzina’s 22 is going to be hard to beat. It’s also the one-off championship event so get along to take the test! “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2021”. Event6.pdf is the Drumnaph results, SeriesTable.pdf is the points position.

Colour Standards updated

The colour standards table has been updated with the Drumnaph results. Not too much movement in colour but a number of first-time or long-gap colours achieved – nice to see folk returning to the fray! The colour standards table also shows your membership status so if your name’s in the pink your 2022 membership application is awaited!

hCOW Tables Updated

The hCOW tables have now been updated with the Rostrevor results – “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2021”. Despite the precipitous climbs and descents all but 2 of the 37 scorers were under handicap, presumably due to the legs everyone had on the open mountainside. This is reinforced by the fact that courses 1 & 2 (Brown and Blue) had smaller improvements than 3 & 4 (the Greens) due to the fact that they included a section of very physical forest. The Series Table shows the current place points standings. The asterisks indicate those who have achieved the necessary 4 results, the exclamation marks Read More …

Colour Standards Updated

The colour standards table has been updated with the results from Rostrevor. The list is returning to something like pre-pandemic levels as more Brown and Blue courses become available to allow folk to reach their true potential. The colour standard achievement shown on the results uses different criteria from the NIOA standards so , although you may have shown up as missing your standard you might find a pleasant surprise in the table at “Resources>OneDrive Public>Colour Standards”. Today also marks the opening of membership renewals for 2022 so the table has been adjusted to turn the current membership into a Read More …