Seven Sevens FAQs

Do you have a GPS track of the route? – We do not offer a GPS or detailed map of the route as it is important for participants to make their own route choices based on personal abilities and conditions on the day.

Can I just use my smartphone to navigate? – No. You must carry and be able to use a map and compass. Smart phone maps and GPS are notoriously unreliable in mountain conditions. Common problems are – the phone needs a signal to download sections of the map; the batteries die suddenly when cold; the phone may get dropped or wet and fail. Of course you can use your map app for convenience and to track your route but anyone who relies solely on a phone is putting themselves and others at risk

Can I use a proper GPS navigation device? – Yes. BUT you must carry and be able to use a map and compass.

Are there water stops along the way? – No. Participants are required to be self sufficient and carry whatever provisions and equipment they need for the day. We do not provide and food or water at any of the checkpoints except in the case of an emergency.

Is there a kit check? – No. Participants are expected to be experienced and responsible enough to know that they need to carry at least the minimum equipment necessary to keep them safe and comfortable on the walk.

Can I start early? – Sorry, but no. There is a lot of work in setting up the day and we have to get everyone into place before opening shop.

I am travelling a long way to get to the event. Can register early then get some breakfast before starting? – Yes. We will open registration at 06:15 which leaves plenty of time before starts between 07:00 and 09:00.

Why the green tags plus the dibber? – For increased safety we like to have two systems for tracking people on the course. Both systems are very reliable in themselves (especially in foul weather) however people do occasionally lose a tag or forget to dib a control box.

What happens if I dib my dibber in a control box twice – does this mess up my times? – No. But your summit time will be given as the later dib.

What happens if I forget to dib a Control Box; do I still get a time? – If you can evidence that you actually visited the summit then we will likely credit you with it. For example take a picture (we can use the time on the photo) or remember who was with you.

What happens if I lose my dibber? – The SI Cards are expensive so unfortunately we will have to charge you £30 for a replacement.

I may pass some checkpoints twice. Do I have to check in with the marshal both times? – Only at Donard Col. AT the other MCPs you only need to check-in once as per the course order. However the marshals will be keeping an eye out for you.

Does your insurance cover me if I hurt myself or lose some equipment? – No. Not unless the loss or injury is due to our negligence. Walking in the mountains is a risky activity and you are advised to take out personal accident insurance if you have any concerns about this.

What time do entries open on 1st April? – The entries system automatically opens shop at 00:01 1st April; ie just past midnight on Sunday.

How does the Entries waiting list work? – If the entries are full you can take a place on the waiting list. When someone withdraws we offer that place out to the next person on the entry list via an email. If you want to accept the space you must login into SI Entries and complete the entry process within the time stated in the email. If you do not respond in time the place will be offered to the next person on the list.

Can I give my entry place to a friend? – Yes. But you must update all the required details in SI Entries and you are responsible for any exchange of monies. N.B. In the event of withdrawal or cancellation we will refund monies to the original payer via their credit card used.

What do I do if I have to retire half way around the course? – Firstly you should let us know via a marshal or text message as soon as possible. Tell us your name, number, who you are with, why you are retiring and what your plan is for exiting the mountains and geting back to Newcastle. If you are at a Marshaled Check Point they will be able to advise on the best way out and may be able to offer transport from the road.