How to Add a News Item

First, get a username and password

If you need to post a news item on the LVO website you will need a username and password. On the menu of the LVO website choose “About Us”, “Contact Us” and fill in the form, requesting a username and password.

Now, Log In

Click “Log In” from the menu on the LVO website and enter your username and password.

Create a News Item

After logging in you will be at the website’s “Dashboard”. Hover over “Posts” and click “Add New”. The cursor will be blinking in the title area for the news item. Type your title. Then click on the area that says “Start writing…” and write the body of your news item.

When you have written the body of your item move your cursor to the window at the right hand side of the screen and click on “Document”. Look down the window to the “Categories” heading and click the checkbox beside “News” to categorise your item as news.

You have now created a news item and you can click the “Publish…” button. As soon as you click this button the item will be added to the news section on front page of the LVO website and all subscribers to the website will receive an email containing the post.

Previewing before publishing

You may wish to preview your item before publishing it. If so, click “Save Draft” and then click “Preview”.

Editing a News Item

Go to the Dashboard. Click “All Posts”. In the “Search Posts” box enter a search term and then click “Search Posts”. Hover over the title of your post and click “Edit”. When you have completed editing you can preview (click “Preview”) or publish your update (click “Update”). The update will be published on the website but subscribers will NOT be sent an update email.

Formatting, adding links and adding media

While writing the body of your item a small menu appears above the body of text. You can use it to format your text and add links. For example to add a link to the JK website highlight a word, click on the menu’s “link” button, in the box that appears type the address of the JK website, then click the “Apply” button.

To add an image click on the “+” button at the top-left of the editing area and choose “image” from the pop-up menu. You can then choose options to upload an image of your own or browse the “Media Library” which has images already uploaded.