How to Edit a Fixture

Event Management System

The LVO website has an “Event Management” system. Fixtures are created on the system by the Events Secretary. They will be created with basic details – title, date, location. As organiser you do not need to create an event but you do need to add the details to it.

There are two ways of doing this. If you wish to be in exact control of the content and layout you will need a username and password to enable you to directly edit the event. Alternatively you may mail the website admin who will edit the fixture on your behalf.

Very important note about dates All LVO activities and events are registered with BOF. The BOF registration is maintained by the Events Secretary. Changes to dates must go through the Events Secretary otherwise your event will be advertised by BOF with the wrong date and, critically, your event’s insurance will be compromised.

Method 1 – Direct Editing

First, get a username and password

If you need to edit events on the LVO website you will need a username and password. On the menu of the LVO website choose “About Us”, “Contact Us” and fill in the form, requesting a username and password.

Now, Log In

Click “Log In” from the menu on the LVO website and enter your username and password.

Edit your fixture

Log in to the website. On the Dashboard menu click “Events”. Use the “Search Events” box to search for your event. Hover over the title of your fixture and click “Edit”.

Search events

The only sections you will need to edit are the body of the text describing your fixture and the “When” section at the right of the screen.

The “Event Manager” has the very reasonable expectation that an event has a start time and an end time and when it generates an event page it calls up these times. But…orienteering in effect has,

  • registration start/finish times,
  • starts open/close times and
  • course open/close times

and in the case of score starts open time = starts close time. Given that Events Manager only accepts two timestamps the protocol we use is to have start and finish as starts open and starts close times.

When you have completed your editing you can either click “Preview Changes” or publish straight away by clicking “Update”.