Trouble Sleeping?

There are lots of updated tables available to mull over following a very intense week of O-activity. They can all be accessed from the home page of the web site through “Resources>OneDrive Public”. There’s the NISeries tables after Slievemartin (congratulations to Cahal Power with the first class win of the year), the revised Colour Standards table (with 2 2023 events dropping off the 12-month window there a few changes which don’t result from performance at Slievemartin), the hCOW2024 tables after Slievemartin (very few folk beat their handicap!) the hCALF2024 tables after Barnett’s (even fewer there – congratulations Sharon Dickenson!) and the results and solutions maps for the TempO clusters at Slievemartin and Tollymore (some interesting relationships between speed and accuracy!).

That’s me signing off for a number of weeks so the final hCALF results will be delayed. My orienteering activity will consist of mulling over a formula for identifying the 2024 Club TrailO Champion – helped by several pints of Murphy’s, of course!

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