A WEE Report on our June winners

Yesterday evening we drew a close to our WEE Series 🙁

Before we congratulate our series winners, we must thank the volunteers who have provided some great evenings out for us.

👏Firstly, Alan Brett who coordinated all four events in June. Yes four, because even though we had to cancel Antrim Castle Gardens, we couldn’t completely cancel it for the mass of local Primary School kids who had signed up. So, planner Chloe Reed and her dad Billy re-planned the short course, and along with the help of a few others (Michael, Steph and Ric), Alan managed to keep the show on the road.

👏Secondly to all the planners involved – Norma and James (who with a broken leg still helped with the arm chair planning), for yesterdays event in Belvoir. Fred for planning Barnetts. Chloe who we have already mentioned and Susan who was the planner for the event at Crawfordsburn.

👏Lastly but not leastly, to all those who support with other vital roles such as mapping, printing, IT entries and results, starts, control collection and setting up and packing away. Your skill, effort and good humour make the events so enjoyable for everyone, participants and volunteers – thank you!

So here are the results of the June Series. Note – competitors needed to complete at least two of the three races with results from the best two counting and remember the winners from the May WEE Series are not eligible to win the following month.

🏆Long Female podium placed athletes: 1st Helen Baxter, 2nd Emma Graham and 3rd Kate Greene.

🏆Long Male: 1st Wilbert Hollinger, 2nd Richard Vasey and 3rd Dee Orwin.

🏆Short: 1st Eilís Reeve, 2nd Daphne Hammond.

Some prizes were given out last night to the May Series winners but if you were not about you can catch up with me this Wednesday night at the WEE Extra.

The WEE Extra is an urban score activity taking place this coming Wednesday evening in Ballymena. Here, orienteers will have a fun opportunity to go head to head and toe to toe with local Ballymena Runners.

Keep an eye on the LVO fixtures page as there are plenty of other activities planned for over the Summer months which are perfect to invite family and friends to come and try. 👍

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