TrailO Champs continues this weekend

Not ony one, but two rounds of the LVO TrailO Champs this weekend! The first is alongside NICS4, in Rostrevor Forest and the second in Tollymore. The venues are:

LVOTOC24-2 Rostrevor car park (Yes, actually IN the car park) and will be available from 10:30

LVOTOC24-3 Tollymore Forest Park, in the woodland alongside the weekend’s camp site. Timing will depend on timetable at Rostrevor but will be available late afternoon/early evening.

Entry is free. Bring your compass. This is a standing-still activity so civvies will do the job.

Apologies for the non-appearance of a Planner’s Commentary for Slemish College but June has been map printing all the way. Hopefully when things die down in July (and I get back from holiday) I’ll catch up.

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