Trail Orienteering (TrailO) is a form of orienteering that has been developed to offer everyone, including those with reduced mobility, a chance to participate in a meaningful orienteering activity, all on level terms.

The aim is to correctly identify which marked point on the ground agrees with the point shown on a special orienteering map. As this is done from a distance, from the safety of a path, it enables all participants, disabled and non-disabled, child or adult, to compete equally.

Encompass All is our summer TrailO series and kicks off with two Sunday afternoons in Gosford Forest Park. On arrival, a Lagan Valley Orienteering Club member will give you a short briefing before setting you off on the course. The course will take you approximately one and a half hours to navigate.

TrailO series has been designed to Get Places Moving by creating a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment where people can Get Moving and Stay Moving.



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