Lots of Tables to Peruse

Ballyclare and Tollymore have produced lots of table updates, to be found in various folders under “Resources>OneDrive Public”. In “Colour Standards” there’s the colour standards table updated with the performances at Crossmurrin and Tollymore. The lack of colour events through the autumn meant that many folk lost their colour standard (needs 3 results within a year) but the 2 NISeries events, combined with the August restart events have got things going again. In “NISeries” the NISeries table is available (it’s a copy of the official posting on the NIOA website). At the moment the target is for your best 4 results out of 6 but we’ll have to see how the autumn programme unfolds before that can be confirmed. In “hCOW>hCOW2021” there’s the WEE8 results and the updated handicap movement table – I’m delighted to point out how my handicap has improved week on week -although my all-walking style on the pavements of Ballyclare left me in last place last wednesday I had the 4th best improvement in handicap. The Event2 results from Tollymore show that everyone went faster than their handicap set at Crossmurrin – a reflection on the difference that the paths and mature forest of Tollymore can make against the trackless, complex terrain and low-visibility woodland of Crossmurrin. As with the NISeries it will depend on the number of events created in the autumn programme before the formula for deciding the winner can be set but my 2 place points must be a good start!

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