Wednesday sees the last of our Training Night Sporteering so come along and give it a go. This time we are back to East Belfast, but trying out a new coffee shop, Clements at Ballyhackamore. For full details go to the fixtures page.

Note the courses are set to stay active for a month so you can give it a go later if you miss Wednesday. Its also easy to reactivate any of the previous courses if anyone feels the urge, just get in touch for a map (we’ve have a stock of spares). With two empty weekends coming up this could be the ideal way to get a weekend run in.

Sporteering is an excellent way to combine a training run with sharpening up your map reading and route choice on the move. The score format means that all abilities can decide on how many controls to go for and how long you want to stay out for, as long as you’re back within the hour.

If you would like to have a go at setting up a sporteering course get in touch by posting a comment below or contacting someone on the committee. We would love to get more folk involved. Its relatively easy and uses google maps to select controls so great for ‘armchair’ planning. A great way of introducing yourself to the whole planning thing.

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