Parkanaur 29/02/20 Spring Cup : Controllers report.

43 hardy souls braved the elements of last Saturday to complete (or at least attempt to complete) the 3 courses of this Spring Cup event.
Can’t fault the little ones, or indeed parents, for not turning up for the minor courses given the week of horrible weather that preceded the event and stayed for the day itself.
Rewardingly though, 38 competitors tackled the Green course which was both technically and physically challenging.
So take a big bow Lyle for that planning, the course described by one seasoned competitor as  “that was proper Orienteering” … something not easy to achieve in an area quite familiar to many.

I noticed, too late, that someone had slipped in my name as ‘Organiser’ adding to my role as Controller. But I got by with more than a little help from my friends.
Mark and Conor managed the MOO Office (which Lyle had brought to site) with their usual efficiency, again thank you both.
Harry Bell, thank you for attending to all pre event paperwork, keeping me right. And on the day overseeing the Start…that must be a great coat you have for standing out in the wind, rain and sleet.
Alan Gartside for printing the maps as ever and giving guidance on Control descriptions (I confess even after all these years I’m still badly in need of it)
ps: to Billy Reid (winner on Green) who collected the controls on the Yellow Course for me …and even though it must be all of 45 years since he last did a Yellow..didn’t miss one!
And to anyone I may have inadvertently overlooked, thank you.

I returned to the welcome fireside on Saturday evening tired but satisfied, hope it was the same for you all.

Richard McCourt

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