hCOW2020 Champion(s)

The hCOW results, following last Saturday’s Donard event, have been computed. It’s congratulations to Harry Bell and Colin Smith who share the consistency title. My praise for the senior Pruzinas in my last post seems to have been the kiss of death for Mark (have a look at Routegadget!) but at least he can take satisfaction from leading the place point standings, whatever way you want to look at them. I’ve still a bit of thinking to do about handicap management so the 2021 series will be a clean start – all we need now are fixtures!

Colour Standard Update

The colour standards table has been updated with the results of the Donard event and can be found, along with the history table (also updated) at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”. With only one NISeries event this year the opportunity to reach or maintain brown or blue standard was not available (now there’s a New Year Resolution if ever I saw one!). The table shows, in upper case, the 3 results counting towards your current standard; it also shows the best standard achieved during the year i.e. the best 3 results in any 12-month window ending in 2020 (that’s what transfers Read More …

🌲 Donard Forest – Final Details

I hope everyone is looking forward to a potentially damp day on Donard! Just keep a few things in mind: Please read and obey all the Covid regulations as explained in the event details on the website. As part of social distancing make sure you arrive in time to register and get to the start, 15 minutes walk. The Green course as originally planned had an ugly dog leg in it which I knew would upset some of you. So I have added a control, and a tiny bit of distance and some mostly avoidable climb. (4.6k and about 200m Read More …

hCOW Placings

I have published an interim hCOW Placings Table (Resources>LVO Public Folders>Public>hCOW>hCOW2020) showing the place points achieved so far over the 4 counting events. It clearly shows the senior Pruzinas to be the most consistent orienteers this year but with Chairman Stephanie planning next Saturday’s event that removes one of the front runners (or trotters or walkers or dawdlers) from the fight to become hCOW Champion 2020. The entry list is filling up fast!

hCOW2020 is go!

In April I published a retrospective set of hCOW results for 2019. Resulting from that I have made some changes to the calculation formulae, particularly around handicap resetting, and have applied those to the 2020 colour event results. The yearly event tables are in folders, and along with the definition of the scoring system can be found in “Resources/LVO Public Folders/Public/hCOW”. This year, instead of a place points system of scoring, the hCOW Champion will be decided on the basis of Green course results at the upcoming Donard event – the “hCOW2020 event 5.pdf” table shows all those who have Read More …

🌲 Donard Forest Postponed

🗓 New date : 12th December Due to latest announcements this event is postponed. If you have already entered your entry still stands for the new date. If you cannot make the new date please get in touch in the comment box below or directly with the event organiser. You should also have recieved communication through SI Entries.

Colour Standards – Membership Status (addendum)

In yesterday’s post I failed to provide the link to the Colour Standards table. It can be found under “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”. Renewals are starting to roll in!

Colour Standards – Membership Status

As well as showing your colour event performance the Colour Standards table also displays your membership status. With the opening of the BOF membership renewals system for 2021 this means that folk’s status moves on by one year. Thus the 2-year lapsed members (shown in yellow) have been deleted – it’s probably too late to get them back – the 1-year lapsed members (shown in pink) have been turned yellow – have a look down the list for those you know and remind them of the great sport that they’re missing out on – and the new (green) and current Read More …

Colour Standards Update

The colour standards table has been updated with the results from Meelmore, Tollymore and Divis. Your colour achievement shown in the on-line event results doesn’t necessarily match the NI colour award criteria in that 1. there is no gender separation and 2. in club events the times of those who normally run Brown or Blue are ignored for the setting of the standard time. Thus you may have unexpectedly achieved the standard in some of those events; against that the paucity of events this year means that more results have dropped out of the one-year window than have entered it Read More …