Event Entry Closing and Entry on Day Update

We have a fantastic team of volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to make our orienteering events happen. It is important that we make it as easy as possible for them to carry out the tasks needed for events to take place. For this reason and for consistency, we’ve decided to streamline and clarify our event entry closing dates and entry on day policy.

Online SIEntries Closing Days and Times

  • For Wednesday Evening Events (WEEs), event closure on SIEntries will be 7pm on Tuesday (the day before the event).
  • For all other LVO events, event closure on SIEntries will be midnight on Monday (for events taking place on the following weekend).

Having consistency with these closing days and times will allow printing of the right numbers of maps, preparation of SI Timing entries file and downloading of start lists. 

Entry on the Day

If you have missed the closing day and time, Entry on the Day (EOD) may still be possible. We would strongly advise you, however, to register your entry on time via SIEntries. This is because EOD puts considerable pressure on the IT team who, in addition to all the other tasks they have to do on race day, must then input your data into the computer. To discourage EOD, please note:

  • All EOD entries will be charged at non-member rates. Participants can always avail of the lower member rates available via SIEntries.
  • There is a significant risk of not having a map of your chosen course if you opt for EOD. This is because map printing is done based on SIEntries numbers taken on the entry closure date.

Please note that if you have specific personal circumstances that prevent you entering in advance, please speak with Mark or Sharon (by emailing entries@lvo.org.uk) who can make arrangements directly with you.

We hope that everyone will support our volunteers by honouring these clear guidelines, so that everyone can continue to enjoy our excellent events.

2 Replies to “Event Entry Closing and Entry on Day Update”

  1. Would it not be simpler just to make the closing date for all events midnight on the Monday beforehand? Regarding the WEEs, a Tue night cut-off may make it tight for printing (but Alan can speak for himself), and there is enough to do on the day without having to collect the printed maps as well. Last minute entries (ie Tue or Wed) can then be catered for by printing some extra maps, and sharing them on the night if they run out.

    1. Thanks Fred for your feedback. For the WEEs, we want to keep entries open as long as possible, so newcomers are not penalised.We plan to overprint based on Monday SIEntries numbers, but keeping entries open until Tuesday to save IT sending out links to permit late entries. We have spoken with Alan about all these timelines and about what works best for him. These guidelines are based on what works best for Alan, Mark and Sharon, and that’s what we are going with. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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