Tables available after Drumkeeragh

The various tables can now be seen . Being the first colour event of the year there’s not much meat on the bones but they can help guide your preparation for what’s to come.

The official NISeries tables are available for download from the NIOA website but can be viewed (without downloading) at “Resources>OneDrive Public>NISeries>NISeries2024.pdf”. They show that Planner Olivia and the weather conspired to make it a tough day out.

The Colour Standards can be viewed at “STANDINGS Colour Standards>Colour Standards.pdf”. With three events dropping off the 12 month window there are several examples of standards being lost (not having 3 results in the last 12 months) or downgrading. Care is needed if you wish to maintain your standard as another 4 results will be gone by Drum Manor.

The various hCOW tables are available at “STANDINGS hCow>hCOW2024” The event table shows that only 10 folk (out of 43) beat their handicap (tough conditions yet again). Of course the hCOW Table shows that half the field (21) saw their handicap lowered as it’s regularity that is being measured and Áine McCann, in the middle of the sorted table, is deemed to have been the person running to handicap. The Handicap Table shows how your handicap has moved from its intial value as a result of your thrashing through the brashings. And finally the Regatta Table, which rates results on the basis of comparison against handicap, assigns points from low to high; all those who didn’t get a result (dns, dnf, 1st event) will have to carry a 50-pointer forward through the year. With the postponement of Castlewellan there are now 8 colour events in the year. That still leaves things as 5 to count (4 in the NISeries).

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