TrailO’s coming back!

I’m planning to set up a TrailO exercise at our top-grade events this year. It will take the form of a TempO cluster near assembly or on the way to the start. It is the intention (assuming all the stars align!) to have one at each of:

Carnearney 1st June

Slieve Martin 22nd June

Tollymore campsite 22nd June

Whitespots 7th September

Glenarriff 19th October

and, if re-arranged, Castlewellan.

The results will be combined to form the Club TrailO Championship 2024. This was last contested in 2018, won by Lyle Fleming. It’s time an attempt was made to wrest his crown away from him!

I will be along after the Club training at Hillsborough on Saturday with some samples to try to explain TempO to anyone who cares to listen!

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