Tables Updated

Lots of tables updated after the week’s events:

Public>NISeries>NISeries2022.pdf After 4 events folk are starting to show with the required number of scores against their name. Don’t forget it’s 4 out of 7 needed to qualify so plan your autumn programme accordingly!

Public>Colour Standards>Colour Standards.pdf The first drop off of an old event for some time so some folk may have lost or dropped their standard; others have consolidated well.

Public>hCOW>hCOW2022>Event7.pdf The Castlewellan results show some large fluctuations but also show how the calculations are able to deal with the different terrains being encountered.

>Series Table.pdf The combined scores and handicap movements for the series to date, in order of handicap.

>WEE8.pdf The Jordanstown results. A fast run with an event variance of -2mins13secs/km. No wonder folk were red in the face!

>WEE Series Table.pdf The scores to date with those who have reached the requisite number of events showing at the top of the list.

>WEE Series Handicaps.pdf The history of your handicap movements through the series, allowing you to review performance and, hopefully, reduce mistakes.

Watch for yet another table to come in the autumn – not handicap regularity this time but based on handicap improvement.

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