hCOW WEE Tables Updated

At “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2022” you’ll find the hCOW results for Carnfunnock in “WEE7.pdf” showing things settling down with a variance of only 3secs/km. In “WEE Series Table.pdf” you’ll find your points score and your history of handicap variations. The table is organised in total points order (lowest first) with those having achieved 6 counting scores at the top of the list. This shows that, once again, Metronomic Mark (Pruzina) is leading the way. Please note that, with no WEE events appearing in any fixture list and no August WEE events resourced in the Volunteers list, it might be that the number of counting events will be reduced from 6 to 4; watch this space (or the fixture list).

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