Lots of tables updated

Florencecourt and Ballymena have produced lots of updated tables to let you review your performances. They’re all to be found at “Resources>OneDrive Public” and then at:

“NISeries” The official version of the table is on its way for publication on the NIOA web site but you’ll find a copy here. The next event is the fourth after which discards come into play.

“Colour Standards” The revised list after Florencecourt shows quite a few folk consolidating their colour standard by being able to discard last year’s distant memories.

“hCOW>hCOW2022” The colour event series tables include the Florencecourt results in Event6 and an updated Series Table. The WEE event series tables include the Ballymena results in WEE5 and the first display of a Series Table. The Series Tables are in handicap order but will switch to points order when the number of events reaches the required minimums (probably around 7 but depends on total number of events in each case).

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