🤸‍♀️It’s WEE Time!🤸‍♂️

Yesterday, a 70 strong touring group from Scandinavia, travelled up to Hillsborough, ‘fresh’ from 4 days competition at the IOC’s in Kerry.

They had a great run around, testing out the newly updated map of the forest Stephen Gilmore has worked on and his long course. It was great to see so many smiling faces and nothing but compliments for the terrain, map and course, so we are in for a treat this evening. The fastest O-tourist (who I think was a Swede) did it in about 27 minutes – so there’s a time to beat!

Although the WEEs are intended to support your O-skills and not taken as competitively as some other events on the calendar, we are spicing it up a bit this year, throwing in a few points here and there, and what do points make, yes you guessed it – Prizes!

The points system will start from scratch for each month (May, June and August) and there will be different winners for each month. There will be points for both the Long and Short courses. To be fair, points will only be awarded for those who complete courses individually, without support (for safety and confidence, little ones can be shadowed but not helped with navigation). For every WEE you attend, you will get 10 points. 1st place will get an additional 10 points, 2nd, 9 points …… down to 10th place, 1 point.

For example;

In May, if Jack attended 3 WEEs and came 1st, 5th and 3rd, he would get (10+10+10) + 10+6+8 = 54pts. If Jill attended 4 WEEs and came 6th, 9th,10th and 12th, she would get (10+10+10+10) + 5+2+1+0 = 48pts. (Jill will also have to be careful not to tumble down the hill after Jack).

We would also like to encourage novice/improvers who haven’t run solo before, to have a go! Let Steph know that you have flown the nest and you never know there might be a wee prize/certificate for you too.

I appreciate that some of us are less interested in the competition and are happy to go out as a pair or in a group – that’s great too. The WEEs are there to have fun! 😊

Hope to see you there – Enjoy!

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