Happy New O-Year!

The Colour Standards table has been rolled forward for 2022. This involved removing the 2020 entries (except for the last, Donard on 12/12/20 (which still counts towards some folks “best-of 3-in-12-months” current standard), and adding the anticipated 2022 colour events There should be more to come e.g. Autumn Trophy series and NI Colour Series 5. Let’s make the first NY resolution to maintain or improve your standard (or gain one if you haven’t done so already). The table also shows your current membership status so for too many folks there’s a second resolution to get yourself out of the pink or yellow.

It’s also Happy New Year from LVO Map Printing Services. 2021 saw the production of 3365 map or map-related pages. This was an improvement on 2020 (1306) but due to the slow start to events still lags behind pre-pandemic levels (2019’s figure was 5792). The number produced relates directly to the numbers entered in events so there’s another resolution for you – get to more events!

hCOW will be back in 2022 with series based on the long course at the WEE events and on the TD5 courses at colour events (that’s short green and above). Although hCOW concentrates on consistency rather than performance improvement it can help the latter by providing a history of your handicap fluctuation thus allowing you to check on your successes (and failures!). The more results that you post the better the picture will be so there’s that resolution again – get out there!

End of lecture – HNO-Y!

“Resources/OneDrive Public” then “Colour Standards” or “hCOW”

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