hCOW Tables Updated

The hCOW tables have now been updated with the Rostrevor results – “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2021”.

Despite the precipitous climbs and descents all but 2 of the 37 scorers were under handicap, presumably due to the legs everyone had on the open mountainside. This is reinforced by the fact that courses 1 & 2 (Brown and Blue) had smaller improvements than 3 & 4 (the Greens) due to the fact that they included a section of very physical forest.

The Series Table shows the current place points standings. The asterisks indicate those who have achieved the necessary 4 results, the exclamation marks those who can still achieve 4 results, and the blanks those who can’t reach 4 scores (but who could still be one-off champion by getting to Seskinore!).

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