Tables Update after Portstewart

The NISeries event at Portrush has triggered updates to 3 tables. Get to them via “Resources>OneDrive Public” then:

  1. “NI Series>NISeries2021.pdf” That’s 3 down – you need 4 results to count at the end of year. On the Men’s Green course Wilbert Hollinger was running down to pot-hunt for the club M70 champion title (and he succeeded, congrats Wilbert!) so his time was not used for calculating NISeries points thus Nigel Foley-Fisher set the benchmark. The official table is on the NIOA web site – this is just a copy for your convenience.
  2. “hCOW>hCOW2021>Event3.pdf” What surprised me was how little (8 seconds event variance) the terrain had on performance. Presumably the physical conditions underfoot were offset by the absence of tree and bush cover.
  3. “Colour Standards>Colour Standards.pdf” Colours are starting to climb back from the almost complete green caused by the pandemic hiatus. Don’t forget that it’s your best 3 results in a 12 month period which count – your counting events are shown by capital letters. I’m having problems viewing the table on the web site – I don’t know if it’s my system, Microsoft OneDrive or Adobe Acrobat which is causing the problem. If, like me, the page goes blank you can view it by hitting the blue “Open” button (Screen, Northwestern Corner, Inside) and then the dropdown “Open” button. Any ideas about solving the problem would be welcomed.

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