Map Readability – the story continues

The no loitering protocol meant that I got to consult with very few people over the colour balance table samples. There were 2 points raised. The first concerned the white shadowing on the course overprint which, especially in the complex fencing and hedging around the leisure centre created doubts about the existence of gaps in line features, a concern with which I agreed. This week’s map will not have shadowing but I shall bring along a shadowed version of the long course map for comparison. The second point was about the intensity of full yellow areas (open land) and how it seemed to make small features (particularly green) less obvious. Accordingly I shall bring along a long course map with the intensity of the yellows reduced and again opinions would be welcomed.

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  1. Alan,
    I found the shadowing of the lines very helpful. I did feel the lines should have been broken in at least one place where it ran over a gate that was marked shut I assume but the closure was obscured.

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