hCOW2020 is go!

In April I published a retrospective set of hCOW results for 2019. Resulting from that I have made some changes to the calculation formulae, particularly around handicap resetting, and have applied those to the 2020 colour event results. The yearly event tables are in folders, and along with the definition of the scoring system can be found in “Resources/LVO Public Folders/Public/hCOW”. This year, instead of a place points system of scoring, the hCOW Champion will be decided on the basis of Green course results at the upcoming Donard event – the “hCOW2020 event 5.pdf” table shows all those who have obtained a handicap in this year and so are eligible to compete. Remember this is a competition to find the most consistent orienteer so the tortoise has just as much chance of success as the hare – you just have to dawdle (or dash) in the same way as you always do!

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