Colour Standards Update

The colour standards table has been updated with the results from Meelmore, Tollymore and Divis. Your colour achievement shown in the on-line event results doesn’t necessarily match the NI colour award criteria in that 1. there is no gender separation and 2. in club events the times of those who normally run Brown or Blue are ignored for the setting of the standard time. Thus you may have unexpectedly achieved the standard in some of those events; against that the paucity of events this year means that more results have dropped out of the one-year window than have entered it so if you’re depending on old results to set your standard you might be disappointed. The table is in “Colour Standards” in the LVO Public Folders.

The lack of colour events this year has also meant that the Spring Cup and Autumn Trophy tables can’t be computed so I’ve combined the Parkanaur and Divis results to construct a single table which can be found in “Club Colour Series”, again in the LVO Public Folders.

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