hCOW is back!

Three years ago I posted a paper about the possibility of introducing regularity testing as a way of comparing folk of different orienteering speeds. That paper is still on the web site “Resources>LVO Public Folders> hCOW>hCOW concept.pdf”. My intention was to proceed with drawing up the definition of the calculation needed and to implement it in a spreadsheet. That intention was brought to an abrupt end, exactly three years ago yesterday, by a collision with a bluebell-covered rock in Hillsborough Forest which led to full thoracic surgery to scrape the gunge out of my damaged lung. However, isn’t lockdown wonderful! It has given me the opportunity to complete the hCOW job which, for testing purposes, I have applied to the Green course results from the 2019 club colour series. You can find those along with a definition of the scoring system (that’s one for the nerds!) and a table of the place points showing who did what on the basis of counting 1,2,3 or 4 results out of the 5 available events. It would appear that Lyle Fleming is our most consistent orienteer! Any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. Delighted to be recognised as consistent 🙂 – All I need to do now is keep making exactly the same number of errors and recover from those as badly or as well as I ever did in order to retain this accolade! As ever thanks to Alan for his work in creating hCOW and designing a scoring methodology. Interesting in reality how an individuals pace actually pans out over a series of events – orienteering is often about consistency so hCOW is a natural partner !

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