Sporteering Extra

This Wednesday (19th) we’re slipping in an extra Sporteering event (sorry, training activity – gotta keep the BOF tally man happy !!). Running training doesn’t seem to be floating anyone’s boat post Xmas, so hopefully this will keep the regular Wednesday night club get-together going. Sporteering is an excellent way to combine a training run with sharpening up your map reading and route choice on the move. The score format means that all abilities can decide on how far and how long you want to stay out.

To give us a break from Tim Hortons, we’re meeting at Slim’s Kitchen on the Belmont Road in Belfast. From there a warm up jog out to the start and finish at Slims for a cuppa or a healthy shake.

Meet 7pm for 7:30pm start. For full details of what you need go to the fixtures list and click on the event. Drop a message below if you have any queries.

Note the courses are set to stay active for a month (adjustable) so you can give it a go later if you miss Wednesday.

If you would like to have a go at setting up a sporteering course get in touch by posting a comment below or contacting someone on the committee. We would love to get more folk involved. Its relatively easy and uses google maps to select controls so great for ‘armchair’ planning. A great way of introducing yourself to the whole planning thing too.

Finally, I know its all been a bit East Belfast – centric so far. I make no apology, its the area I know and there happens to be a very good map to utilise, but the aim is very much to spread it further afield. If you know of a good coffee shop, sports club etc, open to 9pm or later on a Wednesday night, and on or close to an existing O-map let us know, and we will give it a go.

See everyone on Wednesday 🙂

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