Colour Standards Table Update (X 2)

  1. The colour standards table has been updated with the results from NISeries#5 at Crossmurrin. The standard achievement shown on the race results don’t necessarily match the standard actually achieved (e.g. no gender seperation) so have a look to see how you stand. There are 2 more opportunities this year to post colour standard achievement – Pomeroy (NI#6 all colours) and Hillsborough (AT#3 green, orange, yellow).
  2. The colour standards table also shows membership status and has been updated to match BOF opening the 2020 membership renewal facility. Thus the 2yr-lapsed members (yellow highlighting) have been deleted, the 1yr-lapsed members (pink) have been changed to yellow and the current members (clear and green) have been changed to pink except for the honorary life members. So get your 2020 membership renewals to BOF and get rid of your pink highlighting!

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