Colour Standards Update

The colour standards table has been updated following the event on Slieve Croob last Saturday. It can be found at “Resources/LVO Public Folders/Colour Standards”. There are 2 reasons for having a look. The first is to confirm whether or not you achieved a standard on Saturday – the standard time shown in the results is not necessarily correct as the criteria used to calculate it is not that used for NI colour standard achievement (e.g. M & W are not treated seperately). The second is for a more serious reason – the table lists all the current and lapsed members; there are 55 new 2019 members and 80 lapsed 2018 members so the club membership is contracting. Please have a look to see if you recognise any of your friends or acquaintenances who have failed to rejoin and give them a slight nudge towards renewing their membership of this wonderful club and sport.

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