Colour Standards are Re-Set

The Colour Standards table has been reset for the incoming year. It can be found at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”. It shows the 2018 results contributing to your current standard and the colour event programme for 2019 at which you can try to climb the colour ladder. However, it shows much more than this because it contains a list of all (and more) members and their current membership status as follows:

no highlight – rejoined for 2019. Well done, ready to go!

red – 2018 member not yet rejoined. You’ll be losing your member discount on event entry fees, amongst other things, so please get your sub off as quickly as possible.

green – new or returning member. We’re delighted to have you and hope to see your name climb the colour ranking. Advice is to start easy, find your feet and progress rather than jumping in at the deep end and losing heart!

yellow – 2017 member who didn’t rejoin last year – We’re sorry to have lost you and hope this was just an oversight. If there was something about the sport or the club that caused you to withdraw please have a word with any committee member – we want to have the club as welcoming as possible.

The table will revert to its normal form when the results of the first event roll in.

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