June WEE 2 – Lagan Meadows

Date Wed, 14th Jun 23
Starts 18:30 to 19:30
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The 2023 Wednesday Evening Event series is back with 8 events across June & August.
The WEE series is a great introduction if you are new to the sport or a valuable training opportunity if you are already a dab hand. For those who thrive on competition we also have something for you this year with the WEE series league table.
Parking Parking will be on-street on Knightsbridge Park. This is a wide street with room for parking on either side of the road.
Registration + Download Will be located just inside the Lagan Meadows entrance gate found at the junction of Bladon Drive and Knightsbridge Park.
Online entry Click to enter via SI Entries
Online entries close at midnight on 11 Jun (Sun)
Entry List
Registration 1815 – 1915
Starts 1830 – 1930
Course Closed 2030
Length Long Course – approx. 4km
Short Course – approx. 1.9km
Terrain Dominated by the Lagan river and the tow path which runs alongside. Large areas of open rough ground with vegetation of varying density predominantly found in the more hilly areas.
Toilets There are no toilets available in the vicinity of the registration area.
Clothing Full leg cover is recommended to protect against summer growth of briers and nettles.
Dogs are permitted in the carpark and on the course, however common sense control of dogs applies.
Live Results
Full Results
WEE Series League Table

As well as the usual simple, winsplits and routegadget results, the 2023 WEE series will have two styles of handicap results published.

The first style revives the handicap system used in the past for the WEEs – a handicap which aims to put competitors on a level playing field for age and gender.

The second style is an innovative handicap system designed by Alan Gartside which, additionally, accounts for competitors who may have a long-term injury preventing them from travelling as fast as they otherwise could. This system is called hCOW.

A detailed description of the first system may be found on here (on the cover page of the Six Mile Water results). A detailed description of hCOW may be found here and its application to the 2023 WEE series here.



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To volunteer at this event please email volunteer@lvo.org.uk. You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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