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Date/Time: 26/07/2017 - 18:00 - 20:00

Location: Queens Road Car Park



For all those who haven’t evacuated the Country during July and are bored and missing their summer Orienteering, or even just want a little warm up before heading to Scotland; I have an extra fixture for you: A Club Night: A low key Urban Score event with a difference, around the Parks and Streets of Lisburn.

Although many of the control sites will be within traffic free areas, because this is an Urban Score Event and I can’t predict your routes, ALL under 16’s will need to be accompanied by an adult,  but that shouldn’t be a problem as this will be a good event to do as a family! Why not have a picnic afterwards or adjourn to a local hostelry to discuss routes.

The Car Park is free from 6 and if you wish you can start from half 6, or alternatively wait until a mass start at 7. You’ll then have 45 minutes to get to know Lisburn a little better. Please note you will need to be back by 8 as that is when the Castle Gardens Close. And BRING a PEN! You’ll need one!

Location : Queen’s Road Car Park ( opposite the Island at the bottom of the Castle Gardens )             Coordinates 54 30 42.3N               06 02 15.6W

Cost £ 2.50 a map.

Download the iCal file for this fixture here: iCal


There are lots of opportunities to get involved in making LVO events happen, without Volunteers they wouldn't. You can find some information on what each role does here: Roles

To volunteer to help at this event please email volunteer@lvo.org.uk

Role Volunteer
Organiser tbc
Planner tbc
Controller tbc
Access Support
Website Support Jeff Johnston
Map Printing
Newcomer Welcome
MOO (registration 1)
MOO (registration 2)
MOO (download 1)
MOO (download 2)
Tech Support (early)
Tech Support (late)
Starts 1
Starts 2
MOO Tow-er (to)
MOO Tow-er (from)
First Aid
Control Collector 1
Control Collector 2
Control Collector 3
Control Collector 4
Control Collector 5


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