Roll of Honour 2017

Last year’s Roll of Honour can be found at “Further Info>LVO Public Folders>Roll of Honour”.  Sorry about the delay in getting it published but last year’s injury-induced absence left me with a lot of catching up to do.  If I’ve got any of it wrong or left anything out please let me know, and don’t be shy about your own involvement – this is the only historical record of the club’s achievements and it would be a shame to leave it incomplete.

Colour Standards Table

Following the first 5 colour events of the year (3SC+2NI) the colour standards table has been brought up-to-date.  It can be found at “Further Info>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”.  The double-headed arrows show the 12-month window of events which count, the capitalised letters show the events (there must be 3) counting towards your current standard, the right-hand column shows the best colour achieved this year (i.e. you must have reached a colour standard in an event this year) and, in brackets, the best colour you’ve ever achieved since records began in 1990.  The entries which are highlighted in yellow show folk Read More …

Ballymena Sprinting

Just used CONDES to calculate the shortest available route for last Saturday’s long course i.e. avoiding out-of-bounds and uncrossable line features.  The cited straight line length of 3.7km becomes 4.6km and with the addition of the 30m of climb my speed improves from 16m16s/km to 12m18s/km.  Happy days!

Spring Cup Results

The final Spring Cup 2018 tables are now available. Go “Further Info>Documents>Public documents>Club Colour Series”, right-click on the filename and select “Open in Word Online” or “Open in Browser”.  The points are place points and to be eligible you had to be 1. a member of the club and 2. have returned a result in 2 out of the 3 events.  The aggregate of your 2 lowest event placings is your score.

Map Note for Sunday’s Score

The map to be used in Sunday’s Score Training will be to the new map-drawing standard of ISOM2017, obtained by using the built-in conversion facilities of OCAD.  Even the most eagle-eyed will have difficulty seeing any difference from previous maps (e.g. some slightly different symbol dimensions, some different vegetation screens) but if you spot anything untoward please let me know as I’m just at the start of the learning curve (there is an issue with some overlapping vegetation screens but it shouldn’t affect your route choice decisions).

End of Year Colour Standard Listings

The Colour Standard listings, found in the LVO Cloud at “Contact Us>Documents>Public documents>Colour Standards”, have been updated with the end of year positions.  The Colour Standards list shows your colour achievement over the last 2 years, then your current colour standard then, on the right-hand side, your best colour achieved this year and, finally in brackets, your best colour ever achieved.  Your best colour is carried across into the Colour History list.  Make this information the basis of your O-resolutions for 2018!  For next year Long Orange is being phased out and a Short Green course introduced on NI Ladder Read More …

Final NISeries Tables

The final NISeries and Colours of Autumn tables are now available on the NIOrienteering website at “Results>NI Colour Series Leagues” or in the LVO Cloud in the NISeries folder.  Congratulations to all the winners, highlighted in red (except Ben Cairns – I’ve just realised that his name is not highlighted! Correction on its way).  There are some classes without a winner; that’s because no-one gained sufficient results (4 for the NISeries, 2 for the Colours of Autumn).

Autumn Trophy tables published

The final positions in the Autumn Trophy are now available in the “Club Colour Series” folder in the LVO Cloud.  Follow “Contact us>Documents>Public documents”.  The competition is based on place points, with your best (i.e. lowest) two scores to count.  To be considered one has to have recorded 2 finishes in a class – shown by an asterisk against your entry.