👍LVO is your Club, so have your say!

📣Calling all LVO Members can you answer these 3️⃣ simple but important questions to help shape our club plans?

❓What are we doing well? 

❓What do we need to improve?

❓What do you want us to be doing in the coming years? 

✔If you have any answers to these questions, please get in touch! We need members to let us know what you think about the club, to help us put together our new strategic plan. 

💻You can write down your thoughts and email them to strategy@lvo.org.uk. Or if you’d prefer to chat, send an email and we’ll get in touch to set up a call at a time that suits you.📱

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Please let us know soon, as this consultation period will close on 28 February!

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