WEE stop❗ If you need to go you won’t have to wait long for more O-pportunities

πŸ™ Well folks that’s it for the Wednesday Evening Events for this year (the control collectors will testify that it is getting a bit dark for evening events now – so on to other things).

🏁 But what a way to finish, in the physically and technically terrain of Belvoir Forest.

πŸ‘ Thank you all those who were involved in putting the event on, especially organiser Mark and first time planner Sophie. (I’m blaming her for the bramble scratches on my upper body, nothing to do with my questionable route choice).

πŸ™ŒA big THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers who have supported put on an excellent programme during the month of August and indeed the whole summer WEE series. There have been lots of people having a go at new things, planning, organising, computer entries and results, and realising it is not so bad. LVO is a fantastic club because of the fantastic people in it. We really want to encourage more people to enjoy and learn from volunteering. Maybe you are fairly new to it all but interested in how it all works, don’t wait to be asked, just mention it to someone on the committee or volunteer team at an event, we’d love to support you through it.

❗❗❗ I think I mentioned going on to new things – the next event is on the Portstewart sand dunes on Sat 4 September – but entries are closing on Thursday 26th August, that’s today if you are reading this after midnight ❗❗❗

πŸ† NWOC are hosting and LVO are using it as a Championship race – click here for details. There are courses for all ages and abilities, so don’t let the fact that it is a Championship race put you off entering – And you can always bring a bucket and spade along with you to Portstewart beach so you can dig yourself out of trouble.

πŸ‘‰ ENTER Portstewart event.

πŸ‘€ Keep an eye out for events on the LVO and NIOA fixtures pages over the coming weeks as details of the Autumn/Winter programme will soon be published.

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