IOC Virtual Relay 2021 – The Teams

Look at you all! Fabulous!! Now it’s over to you. Everyone needs to put in their own entry by midnight tonight!!!

Here’s the entry link (hope it works)

And then you can decide on your route for Saturday or Sunday. It needs to be 2km and you must finish where you start (no 2km downhill gallops allowed!) Have a think about how you can track it – GPS watch or a phone app would do nicely. Remember to upload it afterwards!!

Have fun everyone. Club or hub shirts if you have them. Lots of photos would be ace, post to our socials 🙂 Looking forward to all of us having a bit of craic Together Apart 🙂

From Susan & Olivia.


The entry form is asking me what year I did the Irish Champs and I can’t remember / I’ve never done them before. Can I still take part? ~ Yes absolutely, just put something there in the form so it lets you to the next page

What’s this about a second team? ~ You can be in a mixed team as well if you want, but for most of us we can just leave this bit out and go onto the next page

I’ve got another question, who do I contact? ~ Olivia or Susan

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