Sporteering 5 and WEE Prizegiving

Hello all you WEE competitors. I hope you’ve been taking advantage of the LVO autumn Wednesday evening programme. Next Wednesday September 18th is Sporteering 5, which is like a WEE event on the side streets around Connswater.

It will be based around the Tim Hortons café there. Meet at 7pm for a jog out to the start.

Afterwards we’re going to have the prizegiving for the WEE Series in Tim Hortons at about 8:30 pm so come along for a coffee and doughnut to congratulate our winners.

Once you’ve won a prize in a given WEE Series then you aren’t eligible for a prize in the subsequent months, which spreads out the prizes a bit. This year’s winners were:

Long coursePtsShort coursePts
W50300Ewan EwartM10286
Billy ReedM50295Emma TeagueW10283
Oliver O’KaneM14292Liam HopkinsM12277
Lyle FlemingM55292
Olivia BaxterW21291
Dan MurphyM14287
Wilbert HollingerM70296Jason SmithM10274
Heather CairnsW55293Luke GardinerM10271
Zach MurphyM14284Ruby GardinerW10267
Richard VaseyM45276
Sharon DickensonW40274
Angela SmithW60267
Philip BaxterM65284James EwartM10292
Peter ReedM18277Lorraine RobinsonW55249
Sam McNeillyW21272Hannah GreenW10192
Mark PruzinaM55270
Paul DanielsM45270
Ben CairnsM14265

So, especially if you are a prizewinner, make sure you get there on Wednesday evening! The gory  details of all the results are on the WEE web site under League Results.

PS So what do you need for Sporteering?

  • An iPhone or Android mobile phone with location function.
  • The location function turned on.
  • The “Sporteering” app already downloaded.
  • A Sporteering account already created. (If you have problems within the app, do it at
  • Hi viz highly recommended
  • An armband to carry your phone recommended.
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A headtorch with charged batteries as it will be getting dark.
  • A control description holder is useful.
  • Phone fully charged.
  • Unnecessary apps closed. (This will probably speed up the location function).
  • Display setting set to always on
  • A watch to time 1 hour.
  • £3 for members, £4 for non-members.
  • Some ££ for a coffee at Tim Hortons afterwards.

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