NIOA Score and Night Champs

NFermanagh Orienteers invite you to the Fintona/Seskinore area on Saturday 9th February 2019 for the Score and Night Championships.

The NI Prizegiving will be held in the Ecclesville Equestrian Centre, Fintona after the Score.

Score Championships  Seskinore Forest, Co Tyrone

Directions From Belfast/Dublinfollow A5 from Ballygawley towards Omagh. Approx 10 miles from Ballygawley take the B46 to Seskinore. Just before the village take the B83 (right) towards Omagh. Forest entrance is 0.5 miles on the right. 

From Omagh follow the A5 towards Ballygawley. Turn right after approx. 2.5 miles and follow signs for Seskinore on the B83. After approximately 2.5 miles (before reaching Seskinore) the forest is on the left.

From Enniskillen take the B80 through Tempo to Fintona. Follow the bypass to the junction of the B80 and the B46. Follow signs to Seskinore. Continue through the village and then take the B83 towards Omagh. The forest is on the right.

 Registration will be open from 12.30pm. It would be very helpful if you could send an email indicating your intention to attend either or both events and the class you hope to run. (

Mass Start  2.00pm sharp   Time allowed  45 minutes


Sprint or Middle only Member Non-member
Senior £8 £10
Junior £4 £5
Unwaged £6 £8
Family £20 £25
Both Sprint and Middle £12 £14
Senior £12 £14
Junior £6 £7
Unwaged £9 £11
Family £30 £35


M Open  
M40+ W Open
M Super Vet 55+ W40+
M Ultra Vet 65+ W Super Vet 55+ W Ultra Vet 65+
M Junior 16- W Junior 16-
M Junior 12- W Junior 12-

Map This forest was mapped early in 2017 to introduce Orienteering to this area. It was used for the Middle Distance Champs in 2018. The scale is 1:5000

Terrain notes This is a very mixed woodland with open meadow areas giving generally fast running through extensive mature areas and on the network of tracks and paths. Information on crossing the main road will be given on the day.

Junior Fundraiser Refreshment Stall: Not available.

Dogs on leads only.

Toilets not available.


  • Planner Ciara Largey
  • Controller Raymond Finlay
  • Organiser Teresa Finlay

The Score will be followed by the NI Prizegiving  in the Equestrian Centre, Fintona at 4.00pm.

Night Championships Ecclesville Equestrian Centre, Fintona, Co Tyrone

Directions From Seskinore Forest turn left towards village and follow signs on B46 to Fintona. The Ecclesville Centre is at the junction of the B46/B80 in Fintona.

Registration – after Prizegiving

Starts available from 6.00 – 6.30pm.  Courses close 8.00pm.

Fees as above.

Course/Class combinations

Course Classes Provisional
A M Open, W Open 3.3km
B M45+, M55+, W45+ 2.8km
C W55+, M16-, W16- 2.2km

Map This site was mapped originally in early 2017 to introduce Orienteering to this area. The map was first used last year for the NI Sprint Champs. Scale is 1:4000 (Sprint symbols)

Terrain notes This area provides fast running on both parkland and in an adjacent woodland. Both provide a rich network of paths, tracks and features. Trainers with good grip are adequate footwear.

Junior Fundraiser Refreshment Stall: Not available

Dogs on leads only. 

Toilets: Available in Ecclesville Equestrian centre. (No dirty footwear)


  • Planner – Ciara Largey
  • Controller – Raymond Finlay
  • Organiser – Teresa Finlay

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