Five Days in the Lakes

Imagine the NI Colour Series wrapped into a single week but with 2,000-4,000 competitors and you get an idea of what it’s like to attend one of the big summer orienteering festivals in the UK. In odd numbered years Scotland hosts the “Scottish Six Days” and even numbered years alternate between Wales hosting “Creoso” and the Lake District hosting the “Lakes 5 Days”. This year LVO members attended the “Lakes 5 Days”.

Centred around Ambleside this year’s event provided a super combination of orienteering plus holiday destination. You can see the locations here. The strength of competition is deep and some classes are enormous (e.g. 86 entries in M55L). It’s therefore very creditable that LVO scored two notable top 10s – Peter Reed 10th in M16A and Michael Burton 8th in M55L. Rachel Collins also nipped into the top 10 in a smaller W18L field. Michael also had a fantastic 1st place out of 83 in the sprint during the “rest” day.

One very well-known LVO surname name appeared in a familiar position. He is GB-based and a member of one of the newest and most exclusive orienteering clubs (see the photo). A certain Mr Finlay Hollinger appeared in 1st position on the White course…and more than once.

I would highly recommend these events socially, for the orienteering and for a great holiday break. If you are interested in next years Scottish Six Days I’d suggest you book your accommodation now. Orienteers are notoriously well organised and the accommodation gets booked up quickly.

Geoffrey C

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