LVO’s AGM at Woodburn

Please do come along to LVO’s Annual General Meeting straight after Saturday’s event at Woodburn.

We’re meeting in the Hall after our runs to enjoy Ursula’s wonderful soup, toasties, tea/coffee and sticky buns ahead of the AGM, which will start at 2pm, unless everyone is still lost in the forest. Ursula’s catering is normally only available at Colour Series events but she is making a special guest appearance at our modest Spring Cup on Saturday. Please support her initiative, which generates much appreciated income for the NI Juniors.

Just as importantly, come along to the AGM: find out what the club is up to, get involved, have your say! Everyone’s views are valuable and it’s vital that we all do our bit to understand and steer the club. If you look under ‘earlier posts’ you can see more details that Cecil posted on 9th March.

Bill, LVO’s mapping guru, has a fun quiz to test our powers of observation and recall. To guarantee that you win, all you have to do is digest and commit to memory every detail of every LVO map that you’ve ever run on, which doesn’t sound an unreasonable task, especially since you have until Saturday to do your homework!

See you at the AGM.

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