WEE 7 – Antrim Castle Gardens

Venue ACG Castle Mall Car Park
Date Wed, 16th Aug 23
Starts 18:30 to 19:30
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Event Description

Wednesday Evening Event no.7 will be held at Antrim Castle gardens with excellent courses planned by Peter Gamble.

Newcomers are very welcome – don’t hesitate to visit registration where experienced orienteers will be happy to answer queries and give advice!

Vehicle parking

Castle Mall Car Park. Please note: this is on the other side of the road to Antrim Castle Gardens. The entrance/exit is via the A522, Castle Way and has a 2.2m height restriction.

Toilets can be found in the Leisure Centre.

Registration & Download

Registration/download will be in the Castle Mall carpark. If you have pre-entered and have an SI card you can proceed to the signposted start. If you need to register/hire a card and/or need to enter-on-day please find registration. Please note pre-entry is preferred as it saves us time and guarantees you a map from the limited supply.

Registration open from 6.15PM. Starts from 6.30PM -> 7.30PM.

Courses close 8.30pm sharp.

Courses & Terrain

Long course – 3.8 km, 21 controls.

Short course – 2.1 km, 13 controls.

Note: these distances are as the crow flies, add about 20% for optimal routes.

The courses will link the Antrim Castle and Antrim Forum Grounds.

There is a little urban running but no road crossings on either course are required – in fact they are prohibited. All crossings of the main roads should be by underpasses and the river must be crossed by bridges. Be careful when close to parking areas – keep to the outside and run round car parks rather than through them.

The area is mainly open parkland with little-to-no elevation change which makes for fast running.

NOTE: Features such as deep drainage ditches and very challenging summer undergrowth (nettles and brambles) can be found in the wooded parts making it difficult and slow to cross, even in the white areas. Leg cover is HIGHLY advised and route choice using paths could well be faster.

Out of bounds – there are a number of areas marked with hatching to show they are out of bounds – these are marked for fairness and more importantly your safety – so please no not enter these areas. Flower beds (marked in olive green) are strictly out-of-bounds too.

Trainers or trail shoes without studs are recommended.

Controls will be SIAC enabled with punching start/finish.


Prices – SENIOR £5 (member), £7 (non-member)    |    JUNIOR £3 (mem/non-mem)

The max charge to enter as a family is £13 (non-members £17).

Entry-on-day is charged at non-member rates.. SI card hire is free.

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Do not cross major roads – major roads to be crossed by underpass. Cross river using bridges only.

Be aware of cars and other pedestrians: the long course as a route choice to follow a road, which may carry busy traffic. As mentioned earlier, please run round car parks, rather than through them and do not enter areas marked as Out of Bounds (hatched areas).

Courses close (& control collectors will be dispatched) at 8:30 pm sharp, after which time competitors must report to download so that we don’t spend time looking for you. If you think you will take >1 hr book an earlier start time!


There are currently no Covid restrictions for events however we would ask that participants continue to apply common sense to limit the spread of infections.


ACG Castle Mall Car Park
Castle Way

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To volunteer at this event please email volunteer@lvo.org.uk. You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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