Tollymore Day 3 | Fun Score & Junior/Novice Training

Venue Tollymore Forest Park
Date Sun, 26th Jun 22
Starts 10:30 to 10:30
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Event Description

Tollymore Funday Score and Junior/Novice Activities

On the Sunday morning there will be a 60 minute Score Course available in Tollymore forest.

25 controls will be set out ranging from 10 points up to 40 points. The max score available is 550 points and there will be a 10 point deduction for every minute (or part of) you are late beyond the 1 hour limit. The estimated optimal distance for visiting all controls is 7.7km with 340m climb. 😱

This course is not suitable for novice orienteers or younger juniors – participants should be of Light Green Standard (TD4) as a minimum and comfortable with navigating using a compass over rough ground. Check out the Junior/Novice activities below if this is not suited to you.

The course has been designed to use the most runnable and interesting terrain. However, be aware that there has been some recent felling, so, in some patches the ground is more cut up, slowing running in parts but opening up other areas.

Being June, the vegetation is at its height. Areas on the map marked as ‘undergrowth run’ are more like a walk and areas marked as ‘undergrowth walk’ – forget it, find an alternative route choice. You have been warned!

Wet river crossings are good route choices, but only cross where it is safe to do so. Under no circumstances cross where the river is marked with a black border. These ‘uncrossable’ parts are dangerous either due to the steepness of the banks or depth/speed of water – they are also off the best lines to take. 


Junior/Novice Senior Activities

Club coach Steph has designed separate activities more suited for juniors (MW14 and below) and novice seniors. There will also be a mini competition for the Junior Juniors, with rewards for all and prizes for some!

There will be three courses on offer – Orange (TD3), Yellow (TD2) and White (TD1) and to be competitive you should enter the correct course for your age and run independently without being shadowed.  Of course, non-competitive participants and even adults are also welcome. The courses will be tailored to help individuals improve their technical skills and gain confidence.

Course details:

⚪ White – 1.8 km            M/W 8A – born in 2014 or after or M/W 10 B – born in 2012 or 2013.

This is primarily for experienced juniors aged 8 and under, or newcomers under 10. All paths and tracks with no route choice and a control at every decision point (junction). This is almost a guided walk and the controls will be placed strategically to help the competitors choose the correct path to follow.

🟡 Yellow – 2.5 km           M/W 10 A – born 2012 or 2013  or  M/W 12 B – born 2010 or 2011.

This is primarily for experienced juniors aged 10 and under, or newcomers under 12. This follows line features but some smaller trails are used and there may be up to two decision points within a leg- ie: a place, usually a junction, where the competitor needs to decide which way to go. There may be 😊and ☹cards along the route indicating a correct or incorrect path!

🟠 Orange – 2.6 km          M/W 12 A – born 2010 or 2011 or M/W 14 B born 2008 or 2009.

This is primarily for experienced juniors aged 12 and under, or newcomers/novices (including adults). Competitors should be able to take short cuts between line features to the control or to a catching feature such as a path and there are some route choice decisions to be made. Obvious contour features such as hill tops can be used as control sites. There can be several decision points on each leg. There is one route choice (which you may or may not take) along a very indistinct path which will be marked out with red and white tape.


Entry: Entry for all Sunday activities is free. There is no online entry for Sunday’s activities, just enter on day (EOD). However, it would be great if you could let Steph know in advance if you are planning on doing her activities, so we have an idea of the number of maps to print.

Registration and Parking: This will be at the Mobile Orienteering Office (MOO) situated at our ‘youth’ camp site next to the Toilet block and open from about 1015am.

Starts: The expected start time for both the Score and Steph’s activities is 11am. It will be a punching start and finish. The start, finish and download will be adjacent to the campsite.

Safety: We share the park with many other users such as hikers, dog walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers, please give way and try to avoid startling them (especially the horses). There will be optional wet river crossings on the score course, White, Yellow and Orange course will cross streams/rivers using bridges.

There will be an important 5 min safety briefing beforehand. Participants must wear leg covering and carry a whistle and obviously a watch if you are on the Score course. Courses will close after the hour time limit (approximately 12 noon) and controls will be collected in promptly. Upon return everyone must download, so we know you are all safely back and we don’t need to send out a search party.



Tollymore Forest Park
Main Carpark
BT33 0PW

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To volunteer at this event please email You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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