NI Colour Series 5 – Tyrella

Venue Tyrella South
Date Sat, 24th Sep 22
Starts 12:15 to 14:15
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Event Description

Event Description

Colour Series 5 will take place on one of the best orienteering areas we have in N Ireland, and one that is not always open to us so don’t miss the chance to participate. Please note the earlier than usual closing date for entries is Sunday 18th September 2022. Those that remember the 2011 JK will recall fondly the sand dunes, pits, gorse, grass, fences, depressions and urban area (yes that’s right) of the Tyrella beach location. Just as then the planning has been undertaken by Philip Baxter, so will not fail to entertain. The terrain is as tough as then, if not tougher, with the growth of a lot of gorse and other vegetation so come prepared for a full workout. Courses have been adjusted to reflect this. The event will take place in conjunction with the JIRCs (see below for more on this) so expect to see lots of juniors out and about.


The following courses are on offer:

Beginners courses specifically suited to children or families to explore together

  • White – 1.4 km and 10m of climb (TD1)
  • Yellow – 1.7 km and 10m of climb (TD2)

Improvers course, for children with orienteering experience or beginner adults who want a bit more adventure off the beaten track.

  • Orange – 3.2 km and 55m of climb (TD3)

 Technically challenging courses but not too long.

  • Light Green – 3.0 km and 105m of climb (TD4)
  • Short Green – 2.7 km and 85m of climb (TD5)

Longer and more physical, technically difficult courses (TD5)

  • Green – 3.4 km and 100m of climb
  • Blue – 5.1 km and 220m of climb
  • Brown – 6.2 km and 265m of climb

1:7,500 and 5m contour interval maps will be in use.

Yellow and Orange courses will have text control descriptions available.


Parking will be in a car park signposted from the entrance. An entrance fee of £5 applies to all cars payable on registration.

Toilets and facilities

Public toilets are available on the way to the start from the car park and are located about 500m from the start.


Dogs are not permitted on the site.


Registration is online only. Entries close at midnight on Sunday 18 September. There is no entry on the day. On registering you will be required to provide a Name, Address and Date of Birth for every person – including children and non-runners. Vehicle driver’s name, registration number, make, model and colour will also be required to be provided when registering. You must bring photographic identification for all registered people, other than those under 16 years of age. No online registration or no photographic identification means no getting in and a long drive home. If you have your own SI Card, then proceed directly to start on arrival. Hire cards can be collected at the MOO at the finish, which is close to the car park.


The start is Starts are open 12:15 to 14:15. Start times are in 15min blocks with punching starts with 2 min start intervals. The start is a 1.5 km or 1.2 km (25 – 30 mins) sign-posted walk from the car park and range entrance gate respectively, so allow this additional time. Download is at the finish. You MUST download on completion of your run, even if you do not finish the course.


SI Air is enabled on all controls and Finish but not the Start.

Map Collection

Due to the JIRCs relay event on the Sunday occurring on the same area all maps will be collected at the finish and can be claimed at subsequent events. For the same reason RouteGadget will not be available until after the JIRCs relay.


There are several significant safety points to be aware of:

  • Traffic: Please come early to get parked, adhere to the speed limit (20 mph / 32 kph) on the approach roads in the area, there may be runners on the road, and follow the instructions of the parking marshals. When you are walking to the start or from the finish and while running be aware there may be traffic on the roads. When walking to the start follow the marked route.
  • Terrain: The terrain is tough. It consists of forested areas and sand dunes with uneven ground, thickets, brambles/nettles, some fences, pits and steep sloped areas (see planner’s notes below). There are several fences. Full leg cover is mandatory. Whistles are to be carried and come prepared to take a waterproof jacket too. The safety bearing is due North. This will take you back to the internal access road bounding the area and from there you can locate the car park.
  • Stiles: Some (not all) existing stiles at marked coursing points have deteriorated. Repairs have been attempted and the top strand of barbed wire will be covered but extreme care should be taken in crossing them. Marked crossing points (stiles or gates) should be used when crossing fences. Under no circumstances should competitors attempt to climb over fences.
  • Range Debris and Equipment: The area also contains range debris, some of which may be unexploded ordnance, and range infrastructure. Under no circumstances touch, kick or pick up any items lying on the ground. Do not engage with or play on range infrastructure, which includes open trenches on the ranges and target pits / mechanisms both on the ranges and in the competition area. Please ensure children are always supervised closely when not running.
  • Sea: The sand dunes lead to a beach and the sea, although the competition area is bounded by fences to the south, preventing accidental access to the sea and the courses do not visit the area of beach. If you decide to visit the beach after your run, please ensure all children are accompanied throughout.
  • Other Users: As well as the JIRCs competitors it is feasible there may be a few other users, such as walkers, runners, dog walkers, cyclists etc. Please make way for them. Young children must be accompanied throughout.
  • Weather: It is not unheard of for there to be sun and heat in Sep as well as driving rain and cold so come prepared for everything. Check the weather and if required bring sun cream and plenty of water or a flask of coffee, full waterproofs and a woolly hat.
  • Ticks: The area does have livestock, so ticks are present, with the risk of Lyme’s Disease. Please check for ticks on completion of your run.
  • Coronavirus Safety Measures: A number of measures have been put in place to provide for Social Distancing and ensure your safety throughout this activity.
  • Here is a link to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct which all participants are expected to have read beforehand and adhere to. The main aspects for this event we would like you to pay attention to are:
    • At the Start please maintain social distancing.
    • During the event please use the hand sanitisers provided to maintain hygiene
    • Do not touch the SI Control boxes except with the SI Card
    • During the race please be aware of who is around you and try to maintain distance, especially when approaching Controls
    • As we are using public parks please be mindful of other park users and give them space
    • Please minimise pre and post-activity socialising and maintain your distance
  • IMPORTANT in line with current NI Government advice You MUST NOT attend the activity if You are unwell with a cough, fever or other Covid symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 10 days. EXCEPT – You may attend if you have had no fever and have had negative Lateral Flow Test results for at least two consecutive days after day 5. If you have a condition that makes you Clinically Vulnerable, please follow current government and medical advice before registering. If you have been in Close Contact with someone within the last 10 days who has Covid, please take extra caution around other people at the event.

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Planner’s Guide

Tyrella South presents the opportunity for serious technical challenge to most competitors. Some of the dune areas, which will be extensively used by all TD5 and TD4 courses, can offer fast running although rarely in a straight line, requiring close map contact and the ability to plan ‘on the hoof’. The dark green created by buckthorn and dense gorse has grown in the years since JK 2011; the worst of the large sections of fight have been remapped but there are plenty of smaller areas to interfere with straight running. Thus, looking ahead is vital. While much of the southern half of the area is relatively flat with good going, the northern part has areas of well developed heather, low seasonal bracken and long marram grass which can reduce speed to a slow walk in some areas. The contour mapping is detailed but at 5m contour spacing with many form lines to aid interpretation. Some of the dunes are tall and steep sided, often with only a narrow crest line. Areas that appear flat on the map are frequently interrupted by small bumps and depressions, too small to be mapped in detail but sufficiently large to create uncertainty. The TD 4 (Light Green) course is planned to the guidelines but will present a challenge to any competitor that has not yet become comfortable with the skills required: navigate long legs on a rough compass bearing to a collecting feature; fine orienteering on short legs using an accurate compass bearing; navigate for short distances using simple contour features – hills, ridges, large re-entrants and spurs. In short, the navigation at every level can be very tricky and the physical demands of the area should not be underestimated despite courses being planned to make the best of the terrain.

Junior Inter Regional Championships

The Junior Inter Regional Championships (JIRCs) is an annual competition between the twelve Junior Regional Squads. First organised by YHOA in 1989 the competition is organised in rotation by the 12 Regional Associations. The competition consists of an Individual race on the Saturday followed by a Relay on the Sunday. An agreed scoring system determines the winner on each day and the overall winner. Teams Each region enters a team made up of up to 4 M/W14’s, 16’s and 18’s – a total of 24 athletes. The relay teams are made up of one M/W16 plus one M/W14 plus one M/W18. being 8 teams in all per Region.


  • Organiser – Alan and Andrew Elwood
  • Planner – Philip Baxter
  • Controller – Billy and Chloe Reed

We would love extra help from any willing volunteers! From looking after the start, to picking up controls – if you can lend a hand on the day please send an email to or leave a comment below.

Event Feedback

To feedback on this or any other event, scan the QR code below and fill in the short online form – your opinions are valued!


Tyrella South
Shore Road

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To volunteer at this event please email You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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  1. Good morning, unfortunately I also have to change the ref of the car I’ll be driving from a silver Renault Megan’s, reg 151KE1217 to a silver Renault Captur reg 152D17363. Sorry about the late notice and the hassle. Thanks, Brendan Delaney.

  2. When I entered I advised that I’d be driving to the event in a blue Vauxhall Astra – Reg No. UUI 3899. Unfortunately I’ve had to leave the car in to be fixed and will now be coming to the event in a Audi Q2 Reg No. YUI 4281. I’d be grateful if you would advise the security office of the change. Thanks. David

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