LVO Club Championships – Carlingford

Venue Carlingford Mountain
Date Sun, 23rd Oct 22
Starts 11:00 to 15:00
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Event Description

This years LVO Club Championships will run alongside the Leinster Champs and be hosted by our neighbours 3ROC, in Carlingford.

Entries close Sunday 16 October – pre-entry only on Fabian4 here!

There is a reduced entry fee up until 9th October.

More information can be found on the 3ROC website here!


Anyone can enter this event but participants who wish to compete for the Championship must enter the course assigned to their age and gender.

Here are provisional course length and climb approximations and expected winning times:

W10, M10 1.85km, 45m, 20 minutes – Course 14

W12, M12 2.5km, 65m, 25 minutes – Course 13

W14, M14 3.6km, 100m, 35 minutes – Course 12

W75+ 1.85km, 40m, 45 minutes – Course 11

W70, M75+ 2.75km, 65m, 45 minutes – Course 10

W55, W60, W65, M70 3.7km, 100m, 45 minutes – Course 9

W45, W50, M65 4.1km, 120m, 45 minutes – Course 8

W16, W40 M55, M60 4.9km, 150m 50 minutes – Course 7

W35, M16 5.8km, 160m, 50 minutes – Course 6

M50 6.3km, 220m, 55 minutes – Course 5

M35, M40, M45 7.9km, 180m, 60-75 minutes – Course 4

W18, W20 5.5km, 200m, 55 minutes – Course 3

W21, M18, M20 8.1km, 300m, 70-75 minutes – Course 2

M21 13.6km, 550m, 95 minutes – Course 1

The courses will be challenging, so if you are new to competing or are nervous about the course relating to your age, you may wish to run down (e.g. changing from W16 to W14) and deemed as non-competitive.

If competitors choose to run up (e.g. M50 to M45) they will be classed as competitive within the class they have run up into.


Carlingford Mountain
Unnamed Road

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To volunteer at this event please email You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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