LVO Autumn Trophy (Date TBC)

Venue Donard Forest
Date Sat, 4th Nov 28
Starts 12:00 to 15:30
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Event Description

Date Saturday 4 November 2028
Venue Donard Forest
Event Format Autumn Trophy (Club Event)
Online Entry .
SI Entries
Online Entry closes Midnight, Monday 30 October 2028
Registration, Start and Finish TBC
Price Adult (aged 21 & over) £8 (£10 non-member).
Junior/Student £4 (£5 non-member).
Maximum charge for a family £20 (£25 non-members).
Sociable group / family fee where all are going round a course together – entry fee is per required number of maps – one entry = one map.
There is no fee to hire an SI card if required, but lost cards are charged at £30.
Terrain Summary Donard Forest lies on the lower slopes of NI’s highest mountain and as a result the terrain is steep in places. The Glen River divides the forest with some reasonably runnable deciduous areas to the SE of the river. To the NW of the river there is dense vegetation and a significant amount of felling so to access the interesting slopes of Drinahillly there is an unavoidable section of path running.
Previous Maps/Routegadget This area was last used for the NI Score Championships in February 2025. Routegadget map and courses can be found here:
Course Notes 🟡 Yellow – km + m climb – along paths with more route choice decisions. Appropriate for newcomers and younger juniors with some experience.
🟠 Orange – km + m climb – skills needed to navigate away from paths and more route choice decisions, some compass skills are expected. Aimed at novice adults and improving juniors.
🟢 Light Green – km + m climb – this course requires confident map reading and compass skills.
🔵 Short Blue – km + m climb – technically and physically demanding course.
First Aid and Safety There will be a first aid and a qualified first aider available at registration. Registration is also a safe place for lost children to wait.

Please do not come to the event if you are unwell. Please bring and carry any medication you might need, especially inhalers and EpiPen’s.

If you come across an injured or ill person, please stop, help and get further help. There will likely be qualified first aiders on the course who can stop to provide support.

All participants must return to download, whether they complete the course or not. This is to account for all competitors, ensuring everyone’s safe return.

Courses will close and controls collected in at 3pm sharp. If you are still out on the course at this time return to finish and download immediately.

Kit requirements Full body cover is mandatory.

A whistle (emergency alert is 6 loud blasts per minute) is mandatory.

A waterproof jacket may also be mandatory if the organisers decide the weather requires one, so bring one along just in case.

Parking Parking is in the main Donard Forest carpark.
Toilets There are public toilets in Donard carpark and plenty of cafes in town.


Donard Forest
Donard Park
BT33 0HL

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To volunteer at this event please email You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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