Club Score Training 2

Venue Stormont Estate
Date Sun, 19th Jan 20
Starts 14:00 to 14:00
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Event Description

Welcome to Score training 2/2020. The return to Stormont. 

45 minute score event with variations to keep the fast people amused.

Entry is via the Massey Avenue gateGoogle Maps Link

Parking is in the staff car park at the South East end of Parliament Buildings – Google Maps Link

PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS PARKING PERMIT and display it on your dashbaord when in the estate.

  • Registration from 13:30
  • Mass start at 14:00

Format Simple:  Standard 45 minute score. 

All controls are worth 1 point.

The shortest route to get all 25 controls is 3.9km so in 45 minutes it is well in the reach of any WEE competitors.

Format Complex:   45 minute score with controls in chains

However to get more points runners can collect controls in chains of sequential numbers. However this will add distance.  Eg if you go to 103; 104; 105. They will be worth 1+2+3 points. If you then go to 106 it will be worth 4 points etc. ( If you just go 103; 105; 104; 106 it would be worth the simple 1+1+1+1 points).  You can collect the controls in as many pairs or chains as you can.

The longest chain is all 25 controls giving a total of 1+2+3…. +24+25 =  325 points. The Orienteering length of this is 9.5km so unless Mark Stephens or Josh O’Sullivan Hourihan turn up runners will at some point have to take a control out of sequence and break the chain. How few breaks and where you take them significantly affects both the distance to be covered and the number of points that can be achieved.

Experienced orienteers should declare in advance if they are going for all controls or just collecting a few to avoid simply running round as a linear course and stopping at 45 minutes. (It is supposed to be score training). If going for them all and missing the last ones penalties will be accrued.

Late returns. Up to

  • 1 min -1 point
  • 2 mins – 4 points (2×2)
  • 3 mins – 9 points (3×3)
  • 4 mins – 16 points (4×4)Etc

Sounds more complicated in explanation than to get out and run it.

See you all on Sunday

Richard V


Stormont Estate
Prince of Wales Avenue

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To volunteer at this event please email You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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