Autumn Trophy 2 – Gosford forest Park

Venue Gosford Forest
Date Sun, 22nd Oct 23
Starts 14:00 to 15:30
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Event Description

It is great to get back orienteering in Gosford forest – a mix of pine and deciduous. There will be 4 courses to choose from, suitable for the very youngest and those new to the sport as well as the experienced orienteer.

For the observant amongst you, you will notice that the normal Short Green has been replaced by Light Green. Gosford is only Light Green standard! So Short Green = Light Green. It would be a misnomer to call it any different. For improving juniors and newcomers it is important to label courses correctly so that they can understand the fare on offer at each event they go to, but don’t for one second think you’ll get an easy run just because I have re-labelled the Course. It will be the same challenge as ever. For the AT Trophy the scores from Cairn Wood ( which was also only LG ) and Gosford will be combined as usual to crown the victor.

There are many paths in Gosford from large to small including several windy mountain bike trails which will help with navigation, but these won’t generally provide the best route choice unless you’re on the Yellow Course. Gosford has several areas of lovely runnable forest which I will be tempting you to enjoy.

This is a busy forest, enjoyed by many at weekends, including families, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Please be mindful and give way to other users. Mountain bike trails should only be used for navigational purposes rather than a route choice.

A previous map can be viewed here.

  • Registration will open from 1:45 pm.
  • Start will be open from 2 – 3:30 pm, booked in 15 min slots via SiEntries. The start will be – TBC
  • Courses close at 5:00 PM.

Entries can be pre-booked online (see below) or on the day, however pre-entry is preferred to guarantee you a map from the limited supply.



🔵 Short Blue  –  a longer and more physical, technically difficult course
5.2 km,  ?? m climb,  18 controls

🟢 LIGHT GREEN  –  ideal for improvers – navigationally as difficult as Gosford can be.
3.5 km,  ?? m climb,  11 controls

🟠 Orange  –  an improver’s course, for those with experience, or adult beginners who want a bit more adventure
3.3 km,  ?? m climb,  10 controls

🟡 Yellow  –  a beginner course specifically suited to children or families to explore together
2.0 km,  ?? m climb,  14 controls

Map scale 1:7500 or 1:5000 with a 5m contour interval .


We will be using the overflow car-park. Pass the main car park and follow the signs towards the lower deer park. At the first junction turn right, immediately after the buildings on your left turn right into the overflow parking field. It is very close to registration/download which is in a nearby building.

Please note there will be a charge for parking unless you have a valid Gosford Park Permit. Fees are as per the Gosford Forest website (cars are £5). Please consider car-sharing.

Registration & Facilities

We are planning to operate registration and download from a room in the long rectangular building close to the overflow car park. We also hope to have a tea/coffee and bun stall set up – please bring along a keep cup and some cash – donations will go towards the NI Junior programme.

There is a public toilet near the main car park as well as a coffee, ice cream and a hot food van.

If you wish to make a day of it, there are excellent marked mountain bike trails and lots of playparks for families with younger children.



Fees per map

  • Senior entry ( aged 21 & over)  –  £8 member,  £10 non-member
  • Junior/Student  –  £4 member,  £5 non-member
  • Family charge – 4 separate competitive entries of 2 adults & 2 juniors –  £20 members,  £25 non-members,  at a maximum
  • Sociable group / family fee where all are going round a course together – entry fee is per required number of maps – one entry = one map.

There is no fee to hire or change an SI card if required, however lost cards at charged at £30.

Click here to enter this event      


Please respect any impassable walls and fences, warning signs and hatched purple areas.

As mentioned previously, look out for and give way to other forest users, especially mountain bikers.

Please be careful around water features, there is some deep water, lakes/pools and steep banks near rivers/streams. 

Also take care in the car-park and forest roads where it is always busy, although courses have been planned to avoid any issues.

Full leg cover is compulsory and good trail shoes are recommended.

If weather is poor whistles and waterproof jackets may be compulsory.


Thanks to Planner Graeme Francis, Controller Michael Burton and Organiser Ric Gamble.


Gosford Forest
Gosford Forest
BT60 1GD

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To volunteer at this event please email You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

3 Replies to “Autumn Trophy 2 – Gosford forest Park”

  1. Could there be a spare short blue map kept behind on Sunday? As I might be in the area from being back from uni for the weekend, and couldn’t register in time online.

  2. Hi. I’ve just registered myself and my daughter for this event. We’ve never don’t this before and not sure what we need to bring?

    Love the idea of trying this but not sure what’s required and can’t work it out from the website

    1. Hi Anthony, thanks for registering, looking forward to welcoming you and your daughter on Sunday.
      When you arrive, introduce yourself to someone on the registration desk and tell us you are new to all this and we can talk you through things. We will provide you with a ‘dibber’ which is an electronic timing device you put on your finger and then direct you to the start. At the start there will be a line and people will start at time intervals. You pick up a map when you start. Not sure what the weather will be like but dress accordingly – you are likely to have to be off the tracks on occasions, so leg cover is recommended and wear a pair of shoes/trainers with good grip which you don’t mind cleaning afterwards.
      Make sure you bring your sense of adventure!
      Ric (Organiser)

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