Physical Training Session – Sunday 11th Feb, Drumgor, Craigavon

Any more spring lambs? I only have a very small but distinguished group so far.

As you may know, several members of LVO are currently in the middle of a coaching assessment and as part of this we need to put on a Physical Training Session. So i’m looking for a few sacrificial lambs, sorry volunteers, who will still have some energy left after the NIOA Score and Night Champs to take part in an exercise I have devised around Drumgor on the Sunday morning. Don’t worry, i’m not looking to kill you and it will be entirely up to you what you want to put in to the session, but like most things the more you put in, hopefully the more you’ll get out of it.

If you’re interested in having a little run out on the Sunday morning at half 11 please let me know, so i can sort out the maps.

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