Club score at Belfast Castle

Hope you all enjoyed the score at Belfast Castle today. Hopefully everyone took something away from the event. Getting back within the time is improving but I was surprised that so many headed north at the start. The southern route had, I felt, easier navigation and a more obvious route. I always look for a line course within the points. Another chance to get it right next Saturday!
A very big thanks to all those who helped today especially to Harry and Shaun who assisted with registration and recording and Cara, Sam, Sharon, Ben and Geoffrey who collected controls. Also thanks to those who looked for the keys which I must have dropped on the way down from the start.

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  1. Thanks for a really well planned and organised event Wilbert – That split second decision at the beginning can have so much impact in the long run – perhaps its worthwhile taking 15 seconds extra to get a proper overall plan – I chose to go North which was physically tough – but thoroughly enjoyable.

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