LVO Club Champs – Tyrella

The LVO club championship will be run this weekend in conjunction with the colour series event at Tyrella.   Colour courses have been allocated to each age class as per the list below.  There is no obligation to run in the champs and competitors are free to run the colour of their choice, however to be considered for the club championship you must declare which age class you wish to compete in, at the time of registration, and run the course as listed.

Remember pre-registration is required for access on the day (by 1400 hrs on Thursday) – see event page  You don’t have to declare which course you are going to run on the pre-registration, but it is helpful for the organiser to know for map printing purposes.

Brown – M20, M21, M35, M40, W21

Blue – M18, M45, M50, M55, W18, W20, W35, W40, W45

Green – M16, M60, M65, W16, W50, W55, W60

Light Green – M14, M70+, W14, W65, W70+

Orange – M12, W12

Yellow – M10, W10

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